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Philip Retreat - Leopardstown, Dublin - 8/9 Apr '17

Catholic Charismatic Golden Jubilee, Rome - 31 May/4 Jun '17

Festal Shout (Intercession for Dublin) - 19 Aug '17

A Happy Event, Rome - Sep '17

Emmaus Retreat, Dublin - 2/3 Dec '17


Philip Retreat

Creidim Centre

Legionaries of Christ

Leopardstown Road, D-18

Sat & Sun 8/9 Apr '17



                   Gareth shares on the Gift of the
Holy Spirit in our lives



Even lunch can be an occasion for sharing


Special thanks to Gemma for helping
out at the tea station


Some of our participants getting ready for
our Palm Sunday Procession



Catholic Charismatic
Golden Jubilee

Rome 31 May / 4 Jun '17


With Pope Francis at the General Audience
in St Peter's Square Wed 31/05


Workshop on Schools of Evangelisation
St John Lateran Basilica


Meeting up with Albert Galea
European Director for Evangelisation 2033


Bernini's Window - The Holy Spirit
above the Chair of St Peter
St Peter's Basilica


A special gift to us in the ISOE
was to have Mass celebrated for
Joe O'Callaghan R.I.P. and
the work of the ISOE
in St Peter's Basilica.
Special thanks to Fr Hugh.


A time of Praise and Worship


Pope Francis Address caught on one of the big screens
at the Pentecost Vigil in Circus Maximus


A celebratory meal to finish our Jubilee Pilgrimage



Festal Shout of Victory

Ecumenical Gathering of Christians

Interceding for Dublin/Ireland

Hill of Howth, Co. Dublin

Sat 19 Aug '17

Fr Pat explains the scriptural background to the 'Festal Shout'

Time for prayer, praise, intercession and prophetic sharing

"The heavens declare the glory of God;

the skies proclaim the work of his hands." Ps 19:1

(a view of Dublin from Howth)


A Happy Event

Rome, Italy

September 2017

Our prayers and congratulations go to Karen and Brian
on the very happy occasion of their wedding


Emmaus Retreat

Creidim Centre

Legionaries of Christ

Leopardstown Road, D-18

Sat & Sun 2/3 Dec '17

Our Lady pondering the Word of God


Sincere thanks to Fr Eugene for breaking open the
Word of God for us and also to his co-celebrant
Fr Peadar for all his encouragement


Learning from the Characters in the Old Testament

Lectio Divina - Scripture Sharing

Proclaiming the Word of God


Teresa & Fr Eugene

An Important Time of Fellowship
at the End of the Retreat